About Resilience Mentor

Press Release — embargo until 1st July 2020

New Bite-Size Learning & Development Program Teaches Staff How To Build Resilience For Peak Performance

1st July 2020 — A team of 3 collaborators have produced a unique daily training experience for staff to renew the rigours of work for higher personal satisfaction that contributes to greater employee success 

Wellbeing, mental health, and managing stress while maintaining good work performance is something that millions will struggle with, possibly for years to come.

Why the focus on 'resilience'? 

The idea of 'resilience' itself spans a variety of topics relating to job satisfaction and performance, helping people perform at their best, consistently, continuously, despite set backs or external stress factors.

Rather than the common idea of 'resilience' being an ability to bounce back from adversity, genuine resilience is about reducing the effect of adversity so that no 'bounce back' is required.

Resilience helps build the positive environment for job satisfaction, personal wellbeing, and maximum productivity in work.

The idea for Resilience Mentor came at the height of Government lockdowns due to the Covid-19 scare.

What does the program include? 

Resilience Mentor provides bite-size daily video training for mental and emotional resilience to support employee engagement and peak performance.

The program includes a 20-unit online video-based mentoring program, providing 1 unit for every working day of the month. This is designed to help staff remain mindful of the techniques and inspired to make the daily choices to support healthy minded personal resilience and wellbeing. 

What results can be expected?

A variety of research including scientific, psychological, and in-situ at places of work, reveal the direct link between specific resilience techniques and employee engagement and performance.

This includes research conducted by HeartMath Institute working with companies including SONY, Unilever, Shell, BOEING, PHILIPS, CISCO, bp, NHS, and pwc. Improvements in employee well-being for 5,500 people in just 6-9 weeks were found to produce 24% more focus, 25% better listening, 46% less anxiety, 50% less fatigue, and other recorded benefits that have a direct impact on job satisfaction and performance.

Every situation is different and the team at Resilience Mentor can offer no guarantees of similar results but common sense prevails and we can all appreciate the importance of providing good guidance and support for staff due to ongoing challenges in politics, the environment and the economy.

What does the program cost?

The program will be available at a standard price of $10 per person per month for ongoing access. During the launch of the project there is a steep discount of 80%, making the total just $2 per person per month. There is no ongoing contractual obligation but the course is designed as a daily ongoing refresher program with new materials planned to extend the program from 20 units to 60 units for a 3-month mentoring cycle. This will be available to all subscribing companies even at the $2 per person rate.

Who created the program? 

The project is a collaboration between a Vancouver based health supplies distributor, a sales performance trainer from Toronto, and a certified resilience mentor from London.

For further details see www.resiliencementor.com