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Employee Engagement And Performance (sneaky HR trick)

The ‘Sneaky HR Trick’ For Higher Employee Engagement And Performance

employee-engagement-machineNo, it’s nothing sinister…

In fact: It’s the best news in business since the coffee machine.

A way to support staff to perform at their absolute best…

…without going through countless hours of learning and development, team building, change management workshops or employee temperament profiling.

To put things into context: HR is facing strong influence from Government initiatives, Organizational Development influencers, and a new younger generation of recruits.

The workplace needs to be more ‘well’. More fun, more flexible, more… engaging.

The latest buzz phrase is ‘Employee Experience’

…And having come from a marketing background, I can tell you that ‘Customer Experience’ became a ‘fad’ that would not die: A movement.
Similarly, ‘Employee Experience’ is here to stay too.

…we are entering a futuristic ‘Experience Economy’ after all.

Where ‘experience’ at every moment of a persons life is pursued for profit potential.

And the profits go three ways: For the business, for the customer and for the individual employees.

HR teams that take the lead on Wellness initiatives stand the best chance of improving vital business metrics, including:

  • ABSENTEEISM due to stress, sickness, boredom or desperation for some ‘personal space’.
  • PRESENTEEISM due to a lack of engagement that keeps staff in their seats to earn a pay-check despite a chronic lack of committed focus or productivity.
  • ATTRITION due to the grass being greener at other companies who are literally offering a greener, more natural, more comfortable work-life experience all round.

That ‘sneaky HR trick‘?

It’s most clearly represented by the following formula:

Resilient People + Worthy Challenge = Resilient Profits


And we’ll unpack the crucial details in the following guide.

With competition to improve employee experience just starting to heat up, this guide will help you build the business case for Wellness programs, with insights, techniques and options that can lead to sustainable performance and engagement for all levels of staff.

We begin with a breakdown of Employee Experience and its link to:

Unprecedented Employee Engagement

What follows is a collection of short SlideShare presentations introducing the most powerful leverage points available to HR for improving performance and engagement.

Proceed through each slide-deck below for the big picture on achieving unprecedented employee engagement.

Gavriel Shaw

As HR faces significant influence from a new generation of graduates, and more demanding senior staff, “employee experience” holds the key to sustainability and growth.

Download The Complete White Paper: Resilience In The Workplace.

How is wellbeing and engagement approached in your organisation to date?

Achieving maximum employee engagement does not come from salary or from setting performance objectives.

Download The Complete White Paper: Resilience In The Workplace.

How To Assess Employee Experience, Wellbeing & Engagement

Employee Resilience — The Heart Of Sustainable Engagement & Performance


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