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Is Performance Going From Bad To Worse?

Before Corona:

"98% of employees are affected by stress and 97% said they struggle with work/life balance" ... "Barely 1 in 4 employees (24%) are engaged on the job"

Towers Watson Global Workforce Study

"Only 29% of the workforce is positively engaged (i.e., loyal, enthusiastic, and productive)"

Gallup Research

“Employee engagement is closely tied to health and wellbeing". ... "Of those who said the organisation did not show care and concern, only 29% were rated as engaged."

HR Magazine

After Corona: 

Hidden Challenges

The challenge for Employee Engagement is now even higher. Hidden anxieties about the future take their toll.

Bad Coping Mechanisms

How staff cope: Some employees hide chronic stress, others search for greener pastures in a new job, while others simply resign themselves to ‘getting by’.

The Only Solution

Empowering staff can cost thousands and take a ton of time through in-person training events, even one-to-one coaching. Today's world calls for instant-access online programs that are fast, effective and budget conscious. This program focuses on the essence of peak performance in bite-size video training for individual staff resilience.

Encourage Resilience

Resilient attitudes let people perform at their very best, consistently, continuously, despite set backs, external factors, and natural human failings.

Provide Training

“Resilience training improves performance in a wide range of cognitive capacities, both short- and long-term. This includes tasks involving executive functions, focus and concentration, problem-solving, self-regulation, and abstract thinking.” (Bradley et al 2010)

Demonstrate Care

Head of Hay Group Insight Sam Dawson found 82% of employees scored above the norm for engagement when the organisation “demonstrated care and concern” for employee wellbeing.

Real-World Results

Improvements in employee well-being for 5,500 people in just 6-9 weeks assessed by HeartMath Institute. The same methods as provided by the new ResilienceMentor program under the guidance of a HeartMath certified resilience mentor.

24% More Focus

Sharper mental acuity, greater creativity, less idle time.

25% Better Listening

Higher quality meetings, less repeating instructions, more sense of team alignment. 

46% Less Anxiety

Greater confidence, less need for extended breaks. 

50% Less Fatigue

More stamina, greater accuracy of work. 

Breakthrough Benefits

Engagement levels are linked to 12 key performance indicators, including absenteeism, safety, turnover, productivity and profitability.

When staff engagement is high:




Staff Turnover




Safety Incidents


Quality Defects

This approach instantly helps key business issues including absenteeism, presenteeism, engagement, sustainable performance, talent retention, change fatigue, and overall wellbeing.

Retain Top Talent

Top performers seek cohesive team cultures. Resilience is key. 

Boost Employee Engagement

All staff can thrive in a culture of care, encouragement, and shared resilience.

Low traditional engagement companies
High traditional engagement companies
High sustainable engagement companies

Towers-Watson' study of 50 global companies shows performance increase within high engagement companies as follows:

“The data are unambiguous: organisations with engaged workforces are more profitable, enjoy greater growth, and win the battle to keep the most talented personnel.”

The Employee Experience, How To Attract Talent, Retain Top Performers, and Drive Results

A Repeatable Monthly Engagement Program

In 5-minutes per day, everyone in your business can benefit greatly from the succinct and highly educational reminders and quick exercises available inside.


Week 1: The Crucial Basics

We begin by outlining the clear-cut goals for peak performance, flow-state, and resilience. Staff will explore the big picture strategy of building resilience and a mix of practical techniques to begin apply right away. 


Week 2: Strong Foundations

Now we deep-dive into eye opening neuro-psychology and physiology (simplified for non-scientist office staff). Staff will learn about hormone triggers, nerve-based reactions, and the three 'brains' in the human body that lead to sustainable performance. 


Week 3: Advanced Methods

Now we hone into the key techniques and habits that all staff can use to build higher resilience individually and as a team culture across the organization. 


Week 4: Achievable Habits

Rather than 'information' we now focus staff on the transformation which comes from their daily dose of practice to stop draining situation and increase their baseline resilience on the way to peak performance. 

How Does It Work?

  • Video-based mentoring quickly helps alleviate the daily drain of work and persona life pressures, while strengthening high-performance mental and physical endurance.
  • Step-by-step bite-size video training reveals the latest science and psychology-based methods for performance, resilience and wellbeing at work.
  • Easy and highly practical techniques for instant results every day.
  • Staff 'learn by doing' as they manage physical, mental and emotional capacity for consistent and sustained work performance.

There are 20 units in the video course. Each video is no more than a few minutes. Staff are prompted to do an additional exercise which may also take a few minutes. In just minutes per day, every weekday, staff will strengthen and sustain their resilience for ongoing peak performance.

Key Topics

Here are a few of the topics we cover throughout the bite-size video program.

  • physiology of success
  • emotion & Nerves
  • flow state
  • breathing patterns
  • hormone triggers
  • skill vs challenge
  • heart rate variability
  • neuroplasticity
  • Work relationships

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The new resilience mentor video program is written and produced by a committed team as follows.


Certified resilience mentor




trainer extraordinaire

About the Founder

Gavriel has a 15-year professional marketing background and is a qualified HeartMath Coach and mBIT Coach, with diplomas and training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Life Coaching, along with practices from Chinese Medicine and Emotion Therapy.

Gavriel has held various managerial positions including Head of Marketing and eCommerce Director, and Chief Marketing Officer.

Gavriel felt a personal need for wellbeing, work-life balance and the urgency and opportunity for resilience. Taking a 2-year break, Gavriel re-trained in the arts and science of resilience and coherence to launch ResilienceMentor.

“I’ve become a completely different person that I don’t even understand myself. Complete calmness. Less of a worrier.”

Alison chong  //  Purchasing Manager

"You are really effective at getting my friend to think about things that she needs to work on. I have been trying that for 20 years ;-P"

Tracy  //  Therapist

"Gavriel’s coaching filled in the missing gaps for me! I never thought I would meet a coach who could make the kind of difference that he did, nor did I expect I would recommend someone like this to my friends."

Jennifer  //  CEO

Terms & Access

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What are the costs?

We are able to provide a simple and affordable pricing structure with full access to the program for a monthly subscription of $10 per person. 

During our launch of the project, and with our passionate commitment to supporting the global economy during these dire times, we are granting an 80% discount, making the total just $2 per person per month. (First class training for 'better than Udemy' pricing). 

Got a team of 50 people? Instead of $500 per month, the current discount makes it just $50 per month for all of them to have full and ongoing access to the program.

Are there any contractual obligations?

There is no ongoing obligation. Payments can be cancelled at the click of a button inside the admin area at any time.

The discount pricing offer is only available temporarily. Discount pricing taken now will be granted for the full duration of the subscription. 

How do staff members access the training?

We will provide log in credentials for the course access site. Staff will not visit this Resilience Mentor website to access the program.

How soon can we get started?

New accounts are created on a first come first serve basis, usually within the same day of registration. 

(If you have further questions, let us know along with your headcount)